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Dollar General Washburn WI 54891

We are excited and thrilled the planning committee approved Dollar General to build a 10,640 sq ft general retail building located at 1047 W Bayfield St in the City of Washburn. The planning committee reviewed the store’s development application including its architecture, site plan, operation overview, and site topography.  Visions First Realty of Washburn has been working with the sellers and the buyers on a successful commercial transaction of the CR Treasures property of approximately 1.3-acre lot that meets or exceeds the city’s zoning requirements.  Dollar General plans to break ground this summer for the 1.4 +/- million-dollar project with a completion date slated for November 2023″.

C.R. Treasures 1047 W Bayfield St. Washburn, WI 

Current View 

Dollar General Washburn

Dollar General 10,640 sq ft General Retail building

Future View

Dollar General Washburn

The image depicted is not the actual image of the store or signage.

C R Treasures 1047 W Bayfield St Washburn Commercial property


Dollar General and C.R Treasures is moving forward with the sale and purchase of the CR Treasure property located at 1047 W. Bayfield St in Washburn, WI.

Dollar General Washburn

Garage is gone and looking good to moving forward to the closing. Stay tuned as more updates are upcoming.

C R Treasures 1047 W Bayfield St Washburn Commercial property

Activity in the recent days

There has been a lot of activity on the property over the past few weeks and more so now that the snow is gone.

The sellers have started the removal of the lean too from the garage and will be soon removing the garage as well. These structures are planned to be relocated.

Loads of recyclable materials have been picked up and delivered to the appropriate locations for proper disposal or recycling.

Stay tuned as more updates come in the next few weeks.

Who Owns Dollar General?

Todd Vasos is the current CEO of Dollar General. John Garratt is the company’s executive vice-president and CFO. Jeffrey Owen is the chief operating officer. Institutional investors control about 91.45 percent of the outstanding shares of Dollar General Corporation, according to CNN Business.

What Time Does Dollar General Close?

Dollar General has multiple locations across the United States, with stores open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The reason for this is that cleaners and stockers must have time to clean and replenish goods on the shelves for the next day, which generally happens by 9 p.m.

What Time Do Dollar General Open?

Dollar General is open at 8 AM from Monday through Sunday. For some locations will have Dollar General is closed at 9 PM. Other locations may have Dollar General close at 10 PM, so be sure to check with your local Dollar General for exact hours. Dollar General store hours may be subject to change and may vary by location. 

What Holidays is Dollar General Closed?

The majority of Dollar General stores generally stay open on the holidays, though reduced working hours may apply.

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