We are a community center dedicated to fostering, presenting, and preserving the cultural, artistic, and historical life of Washburn and the surrounding Chequamegon Bay Region. The Center serves as a cultural and educational resource for the Washburn and Chequamegon Bay region. We are committed to the preservation of our unique building while serving as a community gathering place and focal point.

Membership and volunteer opportunities are open to all who desire to participate in the preservation of our historic brownstone building and the rich heritage of the area.

The Washburn Cultural Center building houses art galleries, an antiques and gift shop, the Vinyl Vault, and the Washburn Area Historical Museum. Shop online!

We encourage the use of our building for meetings, receptions, classes, exhibits, workshops and other events. The Washburn Cultural Center is a member of the Washburn Legacy Consortium.

About This Building

Washburn’s unique story is preserved and housed in a magnificent brownstone structure known as “The Old Bank Building.”

Built-in 1890 by A. C. Probert, it is listed on both State and National Registers of Historic Places. Restoration of our facility was started in late 1991, and a grand opening celebration in the summer of 1993 marked our “official” beginning. 2007 marked another milestone when we replaced the original 117-year-old roof with a new one that is historically and architecturally appropriate.